NORMAWOOD is a company specialized in import of special withstanding timber and outdoor structures.

We import timber, mounting systems and preservative oils. We develop and build terraces, housefronts made of wood, pergolas, piers and other exterior structures made of wood.

Normawood exclusively represents the interests of:

Westwood thermal chambers located in the United States on the territory of large logging companies such as Babcock Lumber, Bingaman Lumber, Lewis in Tennessee and Pennsylvania and Atltnata Harwoods in Georgia. Westwood technology is the most advanced among all existing ones. Competitive advantage is provided by the proximity to raw materials - American deciduous forests. Today, the U.S.A. is the world's main supplier of hardwood. U.S. forest industry operates for more than 100 years incompliance with the highest production and export standards. The U.S. is the only country where the number of forests increases annually. American raw materials are used by all European, Chinese and Indonesian factories.

U.S. TMW is healthy, eco-friendly and of the highest insuperable quality.

The thermally modified wood quality is confirmed with the Certificate of the U.S.A. Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In addition, we are the only company that can ensure the supply of TMW container volumes within 50-60 days.

Hard TMW imported by our company is an industry benchmark and complies with the international quality regulations and industry standards.

Normawood imports thermally modified ash, maple, sabgam (gum-tree), poplar, elm, and hackberry.

We sell:

Delivery term from the U.S. A. of any TMW volumes - 60days

In Finland Normawood produces inexpensive softwood TMW (thermally modified pine and spruce) - decking, floor board, wall paneling, etc. produced in accordance with TMW technology.

Modified and thermally modified wood application:

We also import any non-modified species of hardwood, such as American walnut, cherry, red and white oak, and more.

Normawood owns the license for construction and design.

In 2011, we established our own design bureau.

Our specialists underwent training with regard to SIHGA installation technology and attend workshops in Austria and Germany on a regular basis.

All recommendations given on the pages of our site are based on own installations experience and structures servicing.

We operate in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Montenegro.

"Normawood" provides services and integrated support: