The main principle selection of decking board

Главный принцип выбора террасной доски

The main principle of selection boards for outdoor use - its viability 15-20 years without any maintenance.

Choosing the type of wood you should be "reasonably pessimistic" and should take into account the situation in which nobody will take care a long time for terrace. It is obvious that under a layer of a special protective coating (oil, wax, impregnation) and regularly updating, any timber will withstand the weather. In this approach, the choice is limited to such species as larch, exotic species (teak, bangkiray, Merbau, Cumaru) and THERMOWOOD: ash, gam, pine), and new types of wood such as acetylated, karbonatedand furfulirled wood.

During operating with board on the street you can face the following:

To biosecurity is used antiseptic impregnation to protect the board from mold, mildew, rot, and insects.

Processing oils or paint protects the board from deformation not 100%. It depends on the properties of the wood. The most unpredictable and capricious species - larch and all exotic species (other than teak). The only way to ensure the stability of the board and construction in general - professionally mount design with a special fixture and handle it from all sides. But as practice shows, bottom and sides of the board had never processed.

Cracking characteristic of any breed. Surface cracks appearing everywhere and always under the influence of the sun. They become invisible when wet. They don't affect the structural integrity and aren't a disadvantage. The appearance of cracks is the main reason for changing the color of the surface. In the cavities cracks accumulate bacteria, which give a visual gray effect.

Loss of color - is the process of burning the board under the influence of ultraviolet light. For protecting the boards from burning are used different formulations with UV filter. We prefer to work with natural compounds: waxes and oils, but to achieve more consistent effect can be used of epoxy or alkyd compositions. The frequency of regular terraces update depends on the degree of wear.There is currently no means of giving stable protection for terrace over 2 years on the sunny side. In the shadow of protection lasts up to five years. So that the frequency of care and therefore its cost is always different for different designs.

ВЫБОР ТЕРРАСНОЙ ДОСКИCare terrace uncoated oil is cleaning the terrace of dirt (this procedure is, of course, is free.) But if you use professional washing or cleaning, the care can be not cheap. In general, simply wash the terrace with water and brush.

By the way, if builders offer to polish terrace or putty it regard it as an adventure. Better to spend the money on good oil and fasteners. Board for outdoor use doesn't have to look like a grand piano. All the same, it is exposed to weathering, fading and abrasion or attrition, and eventually becomes "vintage" look. If the client doesn't agree, then it is better not to deal with the wood.

Often we are dealing with projects where the client want that the color would match texture of sex in the house and deck board. In this case, it is important initially to give understanding to the client that the parquet and the terrace has a different process behavior. It is clear that the floor will remain the same in life and the terrace will be constantly change almost immediately after installation.
It should be said that any wooden structure in contact with the external environment doesn't tolerate fillers, sealants, silicones, adhesives and more. It must be collected only by mechanical means, without glue.

Scandinavian tradition, for example, generally involves the use of deliberately rough board, since it is better kept oil or paint. But this does not apply to the roughness of the board after cutting the sawmill, as this surface is very loose and will absorb a large amount of the protective structure. More reasonable to do in such a way: before applying the oil, ground board handled fine abrasive and it increases its adhesion.

Conclusion: The wood is a living material that will always grow old, like everything else in nature. This process can last hundreds of years, but the wooden structure or building all the time will serve its intended purpose. If you understand and love the aesthetics of the natural processes, the tree will be your favorite subject in the same, as it became for us.