Tmw in interior

Normawood TMW is successfully used in interiors, spa, bathrooms, toilet facilities, basins, i.e. premises with high humidity. TMW is used for production of shower drains, countertops, deck-chairs, sauna accessories.

Floors and interior elements of TMW are resistent against soaking, drying, and steam, sharp temperature rises or falls.

There are two ways to install the board: eather board is securely attached (glued) to the base, or installed in premises using street terrace concept (see layouts)

Boards in humid areas require more frequent servicing. We recommend to protect the boards with various oils or oil waxes WOKA, OSMO, Sheryn Willams

Parquet board made of thermally modifies ash can easily be laid on under heating floor.

You should pay attention when installing the internal temperature sensors or avoid them (board serves as a heat insulator, so heating system failure is possible).

Typically sensors are removed from the tie layer .

Important: screed thickness between the board and heating interest must be at least 40mm.

If thickness of screed coat is less the base heating and board heating respectively will be uneven, which can lead to deformation of the board.

If you can not comply with this condition with regard to screed coat thickness you can use Multimoll with a thickness of 4mm

Important: The temperature of the coolant in the loop of the heating floor should not be higher than 27 degrees.

At higher temperatures the glue will dry out and lose its strength. Board is resistant to temperatures rise but as regular parquet can be effected with condensate in screed coating – i.e. moisture effect.

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