Decking. Installation of terraces. Decking in kiev

Decking is subject to the intense external environment:

  • The main impact is provided by water and ultraviolet. In addition the decking is affected by our shoes, bicycle wheels and other mechanical effects.
  • Our customers share our opinion that the various plastic or "composite" boards are suitable only for the cheap bars, so we are only talking about the natural wood.

Any decking upon proper installation will serve forever.

Guarantees are conditional, rather to emphasize the differences between the wood species. Anyway, for the eight years of work with terraces we did not receive complaints and have not noticed significant changes in any of wood d specie used. Always, after the first year of operation the terraces manifest "congenital" problems and weaknesses, production defects. Both customer and supplier are ready for this. Usually, the problem areas make up 2-3%

Let's distinguish three decking price groups

  • Low-cost decking: thermally modified pine, larch
  • Average price: decking made of thermally modified ash, gum and plantation teak harvested during preventive felling
  • The most reliable and expensive decking: Accoya and teak over 60 years. (These are the only species with a certificate of D1 – i.e., they are the most resistant in the environment.)

All terrace boards behave differently and age at different rates.

Террасная доска. Монтаж террас. Террасная доска КиевFor home application the larch or thermally modified pine will be appropriate - guaranteed term of use up to 15 -20 years. Decking made of larch serves better if you take it already thicker, for example, size of 40 \ 90mm. Board with a width of 120 - 140mm is better to use under covers. Larch on the terrace will never decay, but it is very flexible and highly susceptible to deformation and cracking. Maintaining of the original form will not be cheap.

The price of decking or decking plank made of larch depending on the specie– 18 to 60 EURO.

By price of larch but with appearance and properties preservation warranty you can buy the thermally modified pine. Thermally modified pine is quite stable and suitable both for private use and public premises with an average load.

Decking (average prices).

Thermally modified ash, gum and cypress and other hardwoods are qualitatively different material compared to the thermally modified pine or larch and look more expensive and decent. Decking made of thermally modified ash is the most common of all available species. Thermally modified ash is produced now both by large enterprises and crude method.

All European and world factories for heat treatment use ash from the United States.

Thermally modified ash price is within range of 75 to 150 EURO.

The best material to build the terrace – is a good old teak and ACCOYA.

Accoya is a wood, which has no analogues on the stability and sustainability. It should be noted that this wood has a coefficient of expansion of 0.5% in contrast to the TMW with 6% of coefficient!

Accoya guaranteed construction service life without additional protection even in contact with the ground for 25 years and without contact - 50 years.

Also, when you use it there is no need to stabilize the ends which sufficiently accelerates the process of terrace installation.

Accoya is more reliable than teak. This is proven by all possible studies carried out for the last 10 years in Europe, Australia, Britain and Holland.

Good tick every year becomes more difficult to access. It is replaced with plantation young teak, which is much weaker in operation. Terrace wood may have different properties and at the same time have the same name.

Accoya decking price starts from 100 EURO, teak – 180 EURO.

Decking will serve longer, if it is properly assembled in compliance with rules for outdoor structures. Much depends on the fasteners used when installing wooden terrace. For example, in Germany or Austria they do not attach the board to the board - and use different types of compounds (metal, rubber, plastic) that prevent boards from decay in junctions.

Fasteners for terraces according to German construction standards , typically costs 20-40 EURO per square meter , which is 50 % - 20% of the total cost of terraces.

We recommend working with the best of the existing terrace systems - SIHGA.