Fastening of wooden vented front

This special stud is used to fasten sub-construction of wooden vented front (wooden planking, siding, rhombus) on any type of insulation: soft, solid and foamed with a thickness of up to 300 mm.

BeziFix Therm BT can be used as fastening for vented front on wooden walls, brickwork, concrete blocks or any other material

The system does not violate the thermal circuit and does not create thermal bridges. Its special coating prevents contact between the metal and insulation.

BeziFix Therm BT is suitable for fastening the horizontal, vertical and inclined front panels .

BeziFix Therm BT has the adjusting function of distance from the wall surface (thermal insulation) with air gap of up to 19mm. This is sufficient for most cases.

It is convenient and saves time during installation of fronts by about 3-4 times.

Using BeziFix Therm BT you can forget about laborious process of front alignment before installing the guide rails and tedious cutting of the insulating material.

BeziFix Therm BT bears the entire front system load due to strong screws and special installation formula.

SIHGA offers a ready-made table to calculate the number and location of front system fastening.

BeziFix stud mounting


Installation of vented wooden fronts using BeziFix Therm begins only after completion of front insulation and waterproofing.

To be performed at any time of the year.

Drill holes (Ø 13 mm) in the log at an angle (90 °)
Drill a hole (D13mm) in the log at an angle (15 °)

Attach the log to the wall and drill a hole through D13 in D10 brick to the desired depth, passing through a layer of insulation.

Note: When installing the sub-construction on brickwork, first insert the BeziFix stud.

  • Install BF stud into the hole
  • Install BF screw into the stud

Using one side of beat screw in the screw into the stud until D13 BF threaded head enters the hole in the log.

Turn the beat and start adjusting the log offset from the wall. Turning to the left brings log to the wall, to the right – removes it.

Using BF system you can install the vented front frame at an arbitrary distance from the outer layer of insulation or wall.

Threaded head is completely hidden in the thickness of the log, and then siding or planking is mounted on the plane without any problems.