Open fastening of terraces

TerrassenFix II - fasteners to create equally wide distances.

The 5 mm thick TerrassenFix II protects the wood and prevents its flooding due to forced ventilation.

Another important advantage of TerrassenFix II - screws are not subject to load.

II TerrassenFix is equipped with system bolt which allows during installation process to adjust the slots (gaps) and is removed after completion.

TerrassenFix II does not need to be screwed. It should be lied down on the foundation (base). It is added with a special material for a comfortable walk along the terrace .

Thus TerrassenFix II greatly simplifies installation and saves assembly time. Moreover, due to this fastening the terrace durability is significantly increased.

TerrassenFix II assembly

Just put down the Terrassen Fix II on the base.
(Without screwing!)

Turn TerrassenFix II to the desired width of the slot.
Install the remote bolt and screws on the terrace board.

Then attach the next terrace board.
Now screw the fastening to the floorboard.

Then simply remove the remote bolt. DONE!

To adjust quickly the width of the slot there are three different symbols clearly indicated on TTerrassenFix II:

Second width - do not turn the remote bolt by 180°.

The slot width should never be less than 6 % of the board width.

TerrassenFix II diameter is 70 mm.

To calculate the required amount per square meter, we recommend using the following formula:

  • 1 sq.m. divided by the base distance divided by the width of the board including the gap ( in meters ) = number required.
  • Example: terrace, parquet board with a width of 140 mm, depth of 8 mm and base distance: 600 mm 1: 0500:0148 = 14 units per square meter

IMPORTANT: Please take note of SIHGA recommendations for construction of terraces using an open fastening system!