Hidden fastening of terraces

DielenFix is a professional system of decking board hidden fastening.

Dielenfix does not damage the surface and sides of the decking board, which is an important condition for preserving the terrace for a long time.

DielenFix creates a gap between the board and constructional beam (log) of 6mm height. This ensures reliable protection of the structural deck and construction due to ventilation and drainage of slots and gaps.

DielenFix aligns natural board bending.

Upon damage of individual boards they can be easily replaced (when making gaps of 8mm)

Visible gap between the boards can vary between 5 to 15 mm.

Important: The gap should never be less than 6% of the board width!

Supplied complete with SIHGA screws. But we recommend pre -drilling, even when using self-drilling screws DielenFix.

Fastening system DielenFix is made of different materials in order to optimally match the different types of boards and operating conditions:

DF of stainless high quality steel (for seaside or rainy areas)


DSF of stainless high quality steel with black coating SC 9 (for terraces with high aesthetic requirements).



DFA of galvanized metal..

The best reason to install decking board is SymbioFix - aluminium log with the core made of larch or waterproof plywood.

DielenFix installation rules

DielenFix should be fastened to the back side of the board and secured with the supplied screw system BohrFix. Only using pre-drilling!
Next board should be fastened with an offset.

Then attach the board to the base using the supplied BohrFix (length 17 , 22, 28 mm - depending on the thickness of the board)

When you install the first board, DielenFix can be simply rotated by 180 degrees and aligne vertical limiter that will fix the board against a wall.

After installing the first board, which was attached to the base, just insert the next board.

Now attach the free side of the board to the base using BohrFix. Done!

Next, attach next board in the same manner.

Important: Please, take note of SIHGA recommendations on hidden fastening system for terraces palcement!

Fastening systems SIHGA have different length of screw in order to optimally match the thickness of the board:

Hidden fastening system BohrFix (length 29 mm) is designed for fastening to aluminum or wood without pre-drilling.

  • DielenFix DF 17: Min. floorboard 19 mm
  • DielenFix DF 22: Min. floorboard 24 mm
  • DielenFix DF 28: Min. floorboard 30 mm


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