Supports. Adjustable floors

JustiFix JM

JustiFix JM is a waterproof plastic element that aligns irregularities or slopes of soil or base and makes walking on terrace more comfortable.

It is applied usually on hard concrete bases - balconies, concrete or other flat surfaces.

Prevents direct contact and soaking between the base and log of adjustable floor.

Two height adjustment methods:

  • From below - using 10mm wrench
  • From above through a log using screwdriver
  • JM 40 : height adjustment 25 - 40 mm
  • JM 60 : height adjustment 25 - 60 mm
  • JM 80 : height adjustment 25 - 80 mm

Admissible load on JustiFix JM = 1,20 kN.

Consumption per sq.m. depends on the weight and size of the frame. For example, at a distance of 600 mm 4 pcs/sq.m. required.

To install JustiFix JM (of adjustable floor) only one hole (Ø 10 mm) should be made in the log. Then JustiFix JM is placed into the hole.

IMPORTANT: Please take note of SIHGA recommendations for terraces construction!

JustiFix JK

Only two models to adjust the height from 25 - to 500 mm!

Ensures fast and accurate frame alignment.

The height is adjusted using adapters JA 35

  • Simply remove the top part of JustiFix JK, insert one or more adapters JA 35 and put it back on top.
  • Adjustment range is increased by 35 mm and can be repeated as desired to a total height of 500 mm.

On a stable and natural surface:

JK 50H: adjustable height 30 - 50 mm
JK 90H: adjustable height 50 - 90 mm
35 JA: 35mm adapter

Admissible load on JustiFix JK is 6.0 kN

JustiFix JV

Landscape fabric for terrace!

Waterproof fibrous structure prevents the growth of plants under the terrace

To be laid directly over soil.

JustiFix J

JustiFix J - absorbing and drainage insert between log and base

Prevents direct contact between log and concrete or gravel, which is especially important if the height of the structure protecting wood is small.

JustiFix J prevents water logging under the terrace and improves ventilation.

High quality EDPM rubber is used.

Amortisation effect makes walking on terrace more comfortable.

JustiFix J easily and without fixing can be laid on the base.


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